Frame 5 and Starter Panel

Recently obtained a section of Frame 5 from below P1 seat.  Also making progress with engine starter panel.DSC02794 DSC02795 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02816 DSC02817

Starter Panel Progress

The starter panel is now starting to take shape with the starter button holes drilled and the mounting pillars machined.DSC02785 DSC02786 DSC02787 DSC02790 DSC02792 DSC02793

Elevator and Rudder Controls

The flight deck controls took a small set forward  last week with the assembly of the P1 and P2 elevator interconnecting shaft and rudder pedal interconnecting rod. 

DSC02726 DSC02725 DSC02719 DSC02717

Godmanchester Bomber Command Veterans Day 25 June 2016

On 25 June the Stirling Project were in attendance at the second Godmanchester Bomber Command Veterans Day arranged byRoger Leivers.  We had the opportunity to meet both veterans and enthusiasts and prompt the project’s activities.  We were also able to present to Donald Jeffs a section of MacRobert’s Reply in which he a flown and a Stirling Mug.

DSC02708 DSC02715 DSC02713

BAPC Membership

This month the Stirling Aircraft Project visited the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby. This was because the BAPC (British Aviation Preservation Council) was holding a meeting there. The BAPC is an umbrella organisation for the UK Aviation Preservation scene including all the major Museums as well as small organisations.

We gave a presentation on what the Project was doing and hoping to do. This was well received and we were voted in as a member of the BAPC. Our Stirling Flight deck will be given a BAPC number as an unknown airframe which will allow it to be given official status. As well as this, we made some useful contacts from other member organisations who may be able to help us in the future. We also collected the 5 oxygen bottles donated to us.

Flight Deck Progress

Painting of the flight deck seat rails and control columns is nearing completion.  The attached pics show the pilots’ seats and throttle box trial fit assembly.  We also recently took deliver of some of the many required control cable pulleys, these mainly for the trim/fuel system runs in the cockpit coupe.DSC02086 DSC02082 DSC02065 DSC02026 wheels

Pilot’s Rudder Link Tube and Sutton Harness Release

Big thank you to RRB Engineering for the delivery this week of components for the pilot’s rudder link tube.  

Also further progress by Kev in the making of patterns for Sutton Harness release components.

DSC02687DSC02688DSC02689suttonrelease3 001suttonrelease3 002suttonrelease3 003

Pilots’ Sutton Harness Release and Engineers Fuel Levers Progress

Progress on Pilots’ Harness Release Mechanism, one set of Engineers Fuel Levers dismantled and flight deck assembly so far.


image004 image005
image009 image010

Pilots’ seat harness adjustment – new buys

The pilots’ seat harness adjustment mechanism took a step further recently with the production of some of the components that make up these items.  The picture shows the mounting blocks, spring sleeves and spring retaining blanks. 

Recent purchases have included an auto pilot Mk 4 gyro, Flight Engineer’s station fuel cock levers and bomb release relays.

sutton releaseDSC02587DSC02580DSC02581 DSC02585 DSC02584 DSC02583 DSC02582

P1 Rudder Pedal Assembly

First Pilot’s rudder components assembled on Saturday, eagle eyed will spot the different modification standards of P1 and P2 pedals!P1 and P2 Rudder Pedals P1 Rudder Pedals2 P1 Rudder Pedals3 P1 Rudder Pedals4