Control Locks, Coupe Centre Section & Elevator Controls

Since Christmas we have continued to add to the cockpit area.  Most recent the fitting of the Flying Controls Lock attachment brackets to the P1 Control Stop Panel. The brackets were provided by one of the team.  

The North East Land, Sea and Air Museum (Sunderland) have loaned a section of the Coupe for reference.  This contains a near complete Control Trim Box for us to use as a pattern.  The pictures include the donated coupe section plus the P1 escape hatch and also the NELSM section and our own section.  The sections will provide good reference material for the construction of the coupe.

Recently received are more levers for the Elevator Controls which are located under the pilot’s positions.  These were manufactured by a local engineer. They go with components we had previously made and the turnbuckle recovered for “MacRoberts Reply’.  The turnbuckle will be one of the original Stirling components incorporated in the build.

Manufacture of the pilot’s footrests continues as can be seen in the pictures of the Control Lock pictures.