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2022 New Years Update

Just a quick New Years update

First and foremost is the delivery of the bomb frame sections for frames 6 to 14, 27 items in all, laser cut by AMADA UK of Kidderminster.  With the formers recently delivered we are now ready to start shaping the frames by bending the flanges, adding reinforcing strips and forming the lightening holes.

Other recent activities include the return of the FN5 nose turret that was on loan to the  RAF Wyton Heritage Centre.  Making of the support at frame 5 for the Port side of the flight deck ready to be fitted once the bomb bay roof is fitted. The pilot’s seat back armour requires a few minor items fitted but since the last update has got a coat of paint. The bomb frame formers have been radiused to ensure there are no sharp edges when the frames are folded over to make the flanges, nice work Kev.  We have also started to join sections of Witch’s hat section that will form the fuselage and bomb bay stringers. Much work ahead now the bomb frames can be prepared, and with the bomb bay jig under construction, next year should show some real progress