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26/10/13 update

A short update and project news:

We’ve finally got to the stage where the linkages for the 1st pilot’s seat raising mechanism has been assembled so that the seat can now be raised/lowered using the handle. It’s just been pilot drilled for the moment so that thr concept can be proved but it all seems to work ok. The attachment holes need to be taper reamed for pins then it’s all got to be dis-assembled prior to priming , re-assembled and finally a top coat of cockpit green. There won’t be an update for a couple weeks as I will be away fo a week followed by a visit from 75 (NZ) Sqn Association the following week, so hopefully we’ll have some photos of that to show.


In the meantime here’s the photos of the seat in the raised and lowered positions.26102013709 26102013708