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6/10/13 update

We’ve had a few problems with the transverse beam that divides the rear part of the 1st pilots seat beams, basically it’s wrong! Consequently we’ll have to remake it but will be able to re-use most if not all of the attaching parts. In the meantime though, we’ve made the panel which fits under the 1st pilot’s seat which prevents things dropping into and jamming the rudder controls.

This is based on info gleaned from wreckage and some photos which show most of the area, much of it is an educated guess but we believe that it’s at least 95% accurate. There’s no such panel for the 2nd pilot’s side as there are no flying controls under the seat to jam. Next step is to get the beam remade (once we’ve found some suitable material) and I will be making the rudder chain sprocket supports that mount to it.

p1 panel