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August 2021 Update

It is a little while since we have done a progress update but life has been very busy, however, this has not prevented the Project moving forward. In addition to our continued build progress we have been privileged to have visits by two Stirling Flight Engineers, Doug Vince and Bert Turner. Their experiences and knowledge has further enhanced our understanding of the operation of equipment’s on the aircraft. 

DC, our designer, has, with the aid of some keel section retrieved from BK716, produced the electronic files to allow production of the bomb frame formers and is working on the final elements of the files for laser cutting of the bomb frames themselves.  Once the blank bomb frames have been delivered we will be able to start forming them over the formers.

Making of some of the smaller items that make up the aircraft has continued and these are shown below, they include completion of the Glycol Tank by fitting the retraining straps, machining of the Frame 5 support by John Scott of Bedford Model Engineers, repairing the Differential Brake Valve support bracket, manufacturing the flying control rods under the pilots seat (which includes a fork end recovered from Stirling MacRobert’s Reply)  straighten and repairing the Steering Director Box mounting.  The pilot’s seat armour has also made good progress with the lower section complete and the upper section requiring the support brackets as it will be mounted in the raised fixed position as on MkIII and MkIV aircraft. The parts that make up the large step between the pilots seats has also been made and they now only require assembling.

Flight Engineer Burt Turner
Flight Engineer Doug Vince
Frame Formers
CAD Bomb Frame
CAD Bomb Bay
Pilots Seat Armour
Pilots Seat Armour
Glycol Tank
Frame 5
Chain Links
Steering Direction Mounting
Pilots Step Components