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Cambridge Precision machining update

Today our Chairman visited Cambridge Precision for an update on the parts they are making for us.

They have machined a new Rudder control spindle using our original as a pattern. The spindles differ in lentgh as although they work in tandem , they perform slightly different tasks.

20150427_135425The  small dome shaped part in the image above is one of a pair that  will screw onto the top of each spindle when fully assembled.  Attention can now be payed to machining the tops and bottoms of each  of the pyramid shaped pedal mounts to recieve bearings.


This image shows the first of the throttle box cam followers that sit on the upper curve of the throttle box. Each of these is different and required a seperate  C.A.D  process.   The next stage for these is for them to be clamped in soft jaws to have the sacraficial material trimmed away leaving the desired component.         K