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Flight Deck Floor and Lorenz Gauge

The Flight Deck Floor continues to make progress, photos show the undersurface of the panel details, edging strips are in production and the protective covering will follow.  The panels will be adjusted to fit the final cockpit contours.

 The Lorenz Gauge components are nearly ready for assembly.  The gauge having its own anti-vibration mounting.  The mounting casting was produced by East Coast Castings of Watton Norfolk.

DSC03463 DSC03459 DSC03458 DSC03457 DSC03456 DSC03455 DSC03454

Flight deck floor & Undercarriage selector lock – Update

The framework for 3 of the flight deck floor panels have been produced with the initial trial fit shown in the pics.  The windscreen de-icing pump located to the left of pilots seat with the Oxygen economiser placed under the floor.

Also now complete is the undercarriage selector down lock.  The last items fitted are the set spring and the handle which was cast by East Coast Castings of Watton. 


DSC03405 DSC03404 DSC03403 DSC03400 DSC03398

Undercarriage Selector Down Lock

The undercarriage selector down lock continues to make progress. The dome handle requires casting along with the addition of the set lever spring and minor adjustments.

The other components have been assembled such that the lever can operate through its 3 positions, Undercarriage up, Undercarriage down and protected from up selection and in the cocked position for take-off where the undercarriage can be selected up.

The lock mechanism was introduced to prevent unintentional retraction of the undercarriage on the ground.


DSC03347 DSC03374 DSC03373 DSC03372 DSC03371 DSC03370


Recent Purchase and Hatch Refurbishment

A recent purchase has been a set of flare tools from Stakes Ltd to produce the correct shape of lightning holes found in many of the structural items.  The dimple effect around the holes is not common on British aircraft, hence the need for this special purchase, and we suspect the original was constructed with American supplied tools.

We have also started to refurbish the pilot’s escape hatch was requires replacement Perspex.DSC03378 DSC03376 DSC03310 DSC03298

Team Visit to RAF Cosford

On 2 March six of the team were able to visit the RAF Museum Cosford Sir Michael Beetham restoration centre.  The Hampden forward fuselage build giving much inspiration on what can be achieved!!!IMG_6571

2 BA Bolts Recieved

The Team would like to thank the sender of a recently received package containing 2 BA bolts. However, there appears to be no details of the sender with the package, therefore, if the sender would like to contact the Team secretary, (details on the site) we can acknowledge their contribution to the Project.


2BA Bolts 1

Pilots’ Instrument Panel

To show our recent progress Kev has mounted the pilots instrument panel in a representative position on the cockpit support framework.DSC03133DSC03130DSC03131


Engine Starter Panel Label

The elusive Engine Starter Panel label has now been reproduced thanks to the assistance of Screens and Graphics of Cottenham.DSC03114DSC03122 DSC03124 DSC03123 DSC03126 DSC03125

Pilots’ Seat Harness Adjustment Mechanism

Components  for the pilots’ Sutton harness attachment and adjustment mechanism recently machined.  DSC03111 DSC03113 DSC03112

Brake Handle Progress and Elusive Starter Panel Label

Most recent  addition to the Throttle Box is the Brake Level, yes yellow.  The level was made using a lever loaned from Parham Tower museum as a pattern.

Also a recent visit to the Fenland Museum produced the elusive Starter Panel label plus a rudder pedal with part of the strap still attached, both will now be used as patterns for the project.

DSC03069 DSC03067 DSC03066









DSC03079 DSC03074 DSC03070