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BAPC Membership

This month the Stirling Aircraft Project visited the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby. This was because the BAPC (British Aviation Preservation Council) was holding a meeting there. The BAPC is an umbrella organisation for the UK Aviation Preservation scene including all the major Museums as well as small organisations.

We gave a presentation on what the Project was doing and hoping to do. This was well received and we were voted in as a member of the BAPC. Our Stirling Flight deck will be given a BAPC number as an unknown airframe which will allow it to be given official status. As well as this, we made some useful contacts from other member organisations who may be able to help us in the future. We also collected the 5 oxygen bottles donated to us.

Pilot’s Rudder Link Tube and Sutton Harness Release

Big thank you to RRB Engineering for the delivery this week of components for the pilot’s rudder link tube.  

Also further progress by Kev in the making of patterns for Sutton Harness release components.

DSC02687DSC02688DSC02689suttonrelease3 001suttonrelease3 002suttonrelease3 003

Pilots’ Sutton Harness Release and Engineers Fuel Levers Progress

Progress on Pilots’ Harness Release Mechanism, one set of Engineers Fuel Levers dismantled and flight deck assembly so far.


image004 image005
image009 image010

Pilots’ seat harness adjustment – new buys

The pilots’ seat harness adjustment mechanism took a step further recently with the production of some of the components that make up these items.  The picture shows the mounting blocks, spring sleeves and spring retaining blanks. 

Recent purchases have included an auto pilot Mk 4 gyro, Flight Engineer’s station fuel cock levers and bomb release relays.

sutton releaseDSC02587DSC02580DSC02581 DSC02585 DSC02584 DSC02583 DSC02582

P1 Rudder Pedal Assembly

First Pilot’s rudder components assembled on Saturday, eagle eyed will spot the different modification standards of P1 and P2 pedals!P1 and P2 Rudder Pedals P1 Rudder Pedals2 P1 Rudder Pedals3 P1 Rudder Pedals4

P1 Rudder Pedal Mechanism Progress 14 February 2016

Over the last couple of weeks the first pilot’s rudder pedal adjuster ‘ducks bill’ has been cast and machined with the slider plates fitted.  Also a couple of other components for the rudder controls prepared. 

P1 Rudder Adjuster  1P1 Rudder pedal adjusterRudder link armsRudder links arms 1

Project Update 30 January 2016

End of January 2016 update.

James Harris continues to produce some stunning CAD pictures of the aircraft construction.

Kev’s work on the coupe is currently looking at the trim and fuel controls that run through the roof of the coupe and has produced a pattern for one of the pulley blocks.  Identifying the correct size of pulleys continues as they do not appear to be an AGS item.

Also the P2 rudder pedal assembly came a step closer to completion on Saturday.10455456_686175378116569_16757583032955901_n 12552904_972418696158901_267068605307168776_n Coupe pulley block _n Coupe rear pulley block 002 P2 Rudder pedals 1 P2 Rudder pedals 2 P2 Rudder pedals 3

Throttle Box / Coupe / P2 Rudder Pedal Progress

New Year has started with more steady progress, all 4 throttle box cam sets now fitted, thanks to Cambridge Precision for their manufacture.  Kev’s professional skills came to the fore by assembly of the base for the cockpit coupe jig and the 2nd Pilot’s rudder pedal set came a step closer to assembly.

Throttle Box Cams Fitted1_edited-1

Throttle Box Cams Fitted2_edited-1Throttle Box Cams Fitted3_edited-1

Throttle Box Cams Fitted4_edited-1

Coupe Jig2_edited-1Coupe Jig1_edited-1

P2 Rudder assembly progress

Presentation of Stirling Model to SAPA UK Ltd

You may recall that we reported that the Project had received a donation of some special aluminium extrusion which had been manufactured by SAPA UK Ltd. In recognition of this, Richy Doel visited their factory and presented a model of the Stirling to Steve Nash from the company who arranged for the manufacture to take place. The photos below show Richy and Steve with the the model and with the extrusion die from which the extrusion was formed. This too has been donated to the Project should we need any more making in the future. Once again, many thanks to SAP UK for their kind donation.

Model Handover

Model Handover

Die and Model - Copy

Die and model 2

Model 1


Throttle Box Progress

Steady progress with the Throttle Box build includes addition of Friction Device Star Wheel produced by Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd of Belfast.  This is a Alumid resin aluminium composite produced from an original drawing.

Also fitted are the throttle lever cam supports which have been machined from solid by Cambridge Precision Ltd of St Neots Cambridgeshire, these were yet another complex component part of the throttle box which required much thought in their  production.

CamsCams 4SC02326Box with cams 2Friction Device1Friction Wheel