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We are seeking any Stirling parts which we could use in the project. These can range from instruments to parts recovered from crash sites.
Damaged parts can be used as patterns to make new ones.
We would be most grateful for anything anyone might have in their possession, which can be donated or loaned to us. We are also appealing for technical data such as original drawings, manuals & photographs to help us in our quest.

Currently we are looking for:

Mk IV Autopilot Gyro (single axis for elevator system)

R1124 Beam Approach Power Supply Unit Type 297 (Sect Ref 10K/935) with connecting Cables 1 to 8.

If you have anything of this nature please email us via the Contacts Page

6H / 428 qty 2 off auto pilot system items.  Clutch cable distributor Mk IV automatic control