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News 18 May 14

A while since I posted anything but we have been busy….promise!

We’ve re-evaluated the throttle box based on the loaned one from Holland and came to the conclusion that our Mk 2 version had some issues that couldn’t be overcome, so we’ve had a rethink and gone to Mk 3 which we think is pretty much on the ball now. We’re now a bit further ahead than we were before with the incorporation of the u/c lever cable pulleys and associated spacers.
17052014820Additionally work is carrying on with the Pilots seats, the photo below shows the addition of the Sutton Harness roller support brackets and retaining bar. This looks relatively simple to make but was in fact a royal pain as they had to be made from a casting pattern and we had to source the oilite bearings for the roller.17052014819

Lastly, one of our members has been working on the cad model for the Starter button panel. As with all things Stirling, nothing is ever simple or under engineered as the CAD model shows. This will be quite complex to cast as the material is quite thin and could be subject to warping.Starter 1
Starter 2