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Project Update 30 January 2016

End of January 2016 update.

James Harris continues to produce some stunning CAD pictures of the aircraft construction.

Kev’s work on the coupe is currently looking at the trim and fuel controls that run through the roof of the coupe and has produced a pattern for one of the pulley blocks.  Identifying the correct size of pulleys continues as they do not appear to be an AGS item.

Also the P2 rudder pedal assembly came a step closer to completion on Saturday.10455456_686175378116569_16757583032955901_n 12552904_972418696158901_267068605307168776_n Coupe pulley block _n Coupe rear pulley block 002 P2 Rudder pedals 1 P2 Rudder pedals 2 P2 Rudder pedals 3