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Project update 9/11/13

Last weekend the Project travelled to Holland to the Stichting Aircraft Recovery Group at Fort Veldhuis. They made us very welcome and loaned and donated some very important parts to to us; including a throttle box, floor panels, rudder pedal assy and forward escape hatch. Access to these items will help us move forward at a greater pace and we must extend our thanks to their Chairman and volunteers for making our visit so worthwhile.


Fort Veldhuis Museum


Front Turret Outer Door



2nd Pilots DV window


Floor panels between pilots seats


2nd Pilot rudder pedal assy


Throttle box alongside the Projects restored example (in progress)DSCF1800

Forward parts of seat beams illustrating cut-outs for rudder pedal cables

DSCF1781 Halifax cockpit repro at the Fort Veldhuis museum