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Summer Progress

During the summer we have again made some incremental additions to the flight deck and made some very fruitful contacts who have assisted us in completing some of the long standing frustrating bits; and in short order produced some items we thought we would struggle with, with our current tools and skill set.  

The Pilots footrests are nearly complete with only the P2 outer remaining. 

The Pilots P1 seat harness go-forward mechanism is complete and the P2 nearly finished.  The cables being supplied by Bruntons, the manufacture of the original items, therefore maintaining a close link to the aircraft. The P1 armour remains to fabricate. 

The Trim Control Box donated by NELSAM (Sunderland) has been refurbished and only requires the Elevator dials to be made. Thanks to Bedford Model Engineers and Any P’s contact in Devon in assisting in making replacement items.

A prominent item on the pilot’s instrument panel is the Flap Control Panel, this has been refurbished including new labels. 

We have several end sections for Bomb Crutches and they have been dismantled with a view to making a pattern item so we can make up to 12 for the current build.